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From clients and co-workers

I’m not so good at tooting my own horn but these comments from past clients and co-workers illustrate my dedication to quality results. And if I’m ever feeling blue, they cheer me right up.

“…accurate and high-quality work”

Jane is passionate about the written word, and it shows in her work. Her writing is considered and creative, her style is versatile, and she’s an editor extraordinaire. Jane also has very high standards. She thoroughly researches her subject before she ever picks up a pen, checks facts, pays attention to details, and delivers consistently accurate and high-quality work. I can also vouch for her amazing pickled beets!
Jacqueline Cox
Director, Marketing Strategy and Development, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

“…wildly talented writer”

I have had the privilege of working with Jane over the past 20 years. Not only is she a wildly talented writer, both technically and creatively, Jane is also very passionate about the projects she chooses to work on. I always appreciate Jane’s approach to her work – she works efficiently to keep costs manageable and has never once missed a deadline in all the years we worked together.
Nadine Maillot
Senior Manager, Donor and Community Engagement,
Silvera for Seniors

“…keeps an eye out for writers’ blind spots”

Jane is a delightful, witty, and intelligent woman, which makes having her as an editor a joy-filled and educational experience. From the larger developmental pieces such as structure and message, to the fine-tuning work of word choice and grammar, Jane stays engaged and thoughtful. She keeps an eye out for writers’ blind spots and habits, while simultaneously honing our voice and individuality. I hired Jane for editing work on several non-fiction articles, as well as several rounds of a large and complex book project and she moved through all the style changes with seamless grace and skill.
Keri Mangis
Author, Embodying Soul, A Return to Wholeness

“…brings out the best in the writers she works with”

I had the great pleasure of being a member of the Travel Alberta writing team with Jane Usher as editor. Jane is a talented editor who brings out the best in the writers she works with. She’s brilliant, creative, articulate and hard working. Jane’s excellent organizational skills allowed her to manage an incredible workload that included many writers and projects. I learned much from Jane and I am a better writer because of her. It was a pleasure working with her and I highly recommend her. She excels at whatever she puts her mind to.
Debbie Olsen
Freelance writer and editor

“…incredible insights into the characters and plot”

This book is dedicated to my good friend and fellow writer, Jane Usher. Your incredible insights into the characters and plot of this story were an amazing help to me, the effort you put into this book means more to me than words can ever express. Thank you, my dear friend forever!
Lynn Vermilion Smith
Author, The 2012 Chronicles, Vol. 1 & 2

“…an excellent editor and project manager”

Jane worked with me at Travel Alberta. Her passion for creating and sharing outstanding content was so valuable to our team. Jane takes great pride in her work – and she should! She is an excellent editor and project manager. I appreciated her ability to oversee important projects, keep me informed and deliver stellar results.
Nancy Smith
Social Media and Digital Marketing Leader, City of Calgary

“…unerring ear for dialogue”

Jane’s unerring ear for dialogue, her mastery of grammar and her encouragement helped me bring my play, Tea with Mrs. Roosevelt, from page to stage. Thank you Ms. Usher, editor extraordinaire.
Sherrie Colbourn

“…one of my favourite people to collaborate with”

“As a professional lifestyle writer for the past decade, I’ve worked with dozens upon dozens of editors. Jane remains one of my favourite people to collaborate with. Writing and editing come so naturally to her and thanks to her insightful questions, I was always able to get to the heart of the story.”
Jody Robbins
Author, 25 Places in Canada Every Family Should Visit

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