The art of copywriting

Basically, we are all storytellers. It’s how we make meaning in the world. It’s how we honour our past and look to our future. How we capture our hero’s journey. I’m here to help you tell your story…with the right copywriting for the right audience, at the right time, in the right place.

Marketing and Communications Copywriting

If your sweat equity is business-to-consumer or business-to-business marketing campaign content such as feature articles, advertorials, e-newsletters, blogs and listicles, case studies/white papers, FAQ sheets, fund development cases for support, brochures, or big fat travel guides, I’ve got your back. My years of experience in print and digital campaigns will come in handy. No sweat.

Media Relations

And if you need a hand (and pen) with an upcoming product launch or special event, I can put together the proverbial press kit, complete with backgrounder, media advisories and press releases.

Trapped in the salt mines?

If your boss is piling on and you’re getting sucked into the undertow, I’ll throw you a life raft. If you have great ideas but no time for follow-through, I’ll get you back on dry land. Or if you simply freeze up looking at a blank sheet of paper, I’ll come to the rescue.

Let’s talk

I’m listening. So let’s talk about the stories you need to tell…for your boss, for your own business, for your clients, for those on your client wish list. The time for all good stories has come. Below are three of my travel articles.

Jane thoroughly researches her subject before she ever picks up a pen, checks facts, pays attention to details, and delivers consistently accurate and high-quality work.
Jacqueline Cox,
Director, Marketing Strategy and Development, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
Not only is she a wildly talented writer, both technically and creatively, Jane is also very passionate about the projects she chooses to work on.
Nadine Maillot
Senior Manager, Donor and Community Engagement, Silvera for Seniors