Contracts & Letters of Agreement

Always put it in writing

What goes into a contract with Usher Ink?

If you have your own contract template, it should include the following. If you’re new to this, we’ll tailor my template to accommodate your requirements.

  • Introductory statement, the names of the parties entering into the agreement
  • Outline of the scope of work (precise and accurate verbiage on what I have agreed to do) 
  • What I won’t do (scope creep – if it’s out of scope it’s a new negotiation)
  • Payment information (including late payment terms)
  • Deliverables and timelines
  • Ownership of work produced 
  • Fees and terms of payment
  • Termination clause (list the terms and conditions about how either of us can end the agreement)
  • Signatures and dated

Letter of Agreement (LOA)

If you have more modest needs, an LOA may suffice.

  • Services to be Provided
  • Services Not Provided
  • Final Deliverables
  • Delivery Terms
  • Fees
  • Payment Terms

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