Sample Writer’s Brief

Every hero needs a plan

Here’s a form I typically use when I hire a writer for an assignment. It’s a short, concise way to explain what I need done, with specific instructions to the writer. I’ve given you examples below of how to fill it in. I’ve also provided a real-world example so you an see it in action, along with a blank Writer’s Brief Template you can download for your own needs. Have a go and see if it works for you. If you have any questions shoot me a message on my Contact page.

WRITER’S BRIEFING NOTES <writer’s name> <today’s date>

Project Summary:

Client<Your company, your name or the name of my contact>
Content Type<e.g., feature article>
Topic/theme<e.g., natural spa vacations in the Okanagan>
Word Count<e.g., 1000 words>
Draft Deadlines<e.g., August 1st, 2021>
Project Name and/or #<e.g., luxury travel in the Okanagan>

Project Overview: <short summary of what we discussed. E.g., you will produce a long-form article of 1000 words for publication in our print travel magazine. You will trim the article to 500 words for our online travel blog and ensure it is SEO optimized (keyword list attached).>

Details: <eg, write the article from a first-person experiential perspective. Start with an overview of the types of spas in BC and drill down to feature our natural spas in the Okanagan and why the reader just has to experience this. Paint the picture, stimulate an emotional response. Don’t forget to use subheads to break up the text.>

Publication and Format:
1000 words for xyz print magazine and 500 words for

Additional information: <here’s where you provide me with any links, previous research or people you would like me to contact/interview for the articles and any details not covered above, eg, instructions on how to approach the contacts I will need to interview. It is also where you enter the agreed-upon fee for the assignment> 

Drafts <include instructions on how you want me to send the document(s)

Key Milestones:  

Deadline for first drafts<rule of thumb is 2-3 weeks ahead of publication date> 
Deadline for sign-off <your drop-dead date>

IMPORTANT: On your invoice, please reference the project name and content type, as well as your own invoice number, to expedite payment.  At sign-off, your invoice will be submitted to: <your coordinates>

Let me make you a hero, too.

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