Making you a better writer

Okay, so you just finished the heroic, Herculean task of writing your own story, non-fiction or fiction. Epic. Your sidekick will let you rest your weary soul, while she digs into the multi-level editing process that will definitely make you a hero and who knows, perhaps a best-selling author.

Or that document you’ve put your heart and soul into for so long you can’t see the yellow brick road for the poppies?

Or that screenplay that has Oscar written all over it but you’re not quite ready to submit?

As your editor, my mission is to make you a better writer.

The Art and Science of Copy Editing

Editing is both a science and an art, with a healthy dollop of diplomacy. 

It rests on a solid understanding of structural elements. 

  • Is the central idea or theme clearly expressed? 
  • Is the material organized in a manner that flows? 
  • Is the language geared to the appropriate reading level? 
  • Free of cliches and insider jargon? 
  • Have you paid attention to syntax, spelling, grammar and punctuation? 
  • Does the copy reflect your own or your organization’s brand voice and style? 

Many folks think editing is simply copyediting for spelling and grammar errors but that’s almost the last step in the process. Swing over to the post about different types of editing in my Just Write blog to dispel the mystery.

Below are a couple of examples of my manuscript editing. Now, let’s get started.

I hired Jane for editing work on several non-fiction articles, as well as several rounds of a large and complex book project and she moved through all the style changes with seamless grace and skill. 
Keri Mangis
Jane’s excellent organizational skills allowed her to manage an incredible workload that included many writers and projects. I learned much from Jane and I am a better writer because of her.
Debbie Olsen
Freelance Writer and Editor